1. I have a remarkable amount of knowledge about privacy and data protection.

Privacy and data protection aren’t going away, and the consequences of leaving them out of your business considerations could end up ambushing you if you don’t get a grip on it. Perhaps you want to optimise your uses of personal data to get maximum value with minimum risk? You need someone who can explain to you what the rules are, what the risks are, and what your options are, in language that makes sense to you.

I can do useful stuff like ‘explain what x means’ and ‘advise on how to achieve y‘ or ‘help you identify what the risks of z are and whether you need to worry about it’.

Things I know a lot about:

Law: the GDPR, the UK Data Protection Act 2018, the Privacy & Electronic Communications Regulations, the ePrivacy Directive, the forthcoming ePrivacy Regulation

Business: risk management, data protection strategy, effective policy-writing, winning hearts and minds, successful communication

Sectors/Industries: health, social care, technology, digital marketing, security and surveillance, HR, charities, retail, academic/scientific research.

2. I have more than a decade of experience helping organisations with data protection

There’s the basics of data protection law….and then, there’s the business culture and environments you are operating in. Making these fit together can be a challenge – that’s when someone with wide experience of putting data protection into action can help you manage your risks.

I’ve worked successfully with small, medium and large organisations across public, private and nonprofit sectors, as either an in-house Data Protection Officer or an external consultant.

As a result, I am adept at a variety of of cat-herding strategies.

3. I can talk about privacy and data protection without using legalese or technobabble.

Maybe you’re busy and don’t have time to learn a whole new language just to understand your legal obligations? Perhaps you understand the theory but are struggling with putting it into everyday business practice? Presumably you’re concerned with keeping your organisation going, and avoiding getting into trouble you can’t get out of?

Wouldn’t it be helpful to have someone who can bring data protection law to life and help you work out what it is you should (and shouldn’t) be doing?

I’m on a mission to show people that data protection is not boring or abstract. It’s about real people; how to avoid causing them harm while still being able to get stuff done. Storytelling, analogies, humour and real-life examples help me bring the subject to life and encourage people to care about it.

4. …although I can talk legalese with lawyers and technobabble with techies if I need to.

Precision and accuracy are often important when talking about complex points of law, or sophisticated technologies. That’s fine by me, I’m good at translating Geekspeak into plain English and back again. This comes in very handy writing accessible, genuinely-informative policies or privacy info, and for helping organisations to put risks into context.

5. My consultancy is excellent value for money!

You could pay lots more for a specialist data protection lawyer, if you prefer. I’m not a lawyer, so I can’t give (or charge rates similar to those for) legal advice. I definitely know more about data protection than the average General Counsel or commercial/contracts solicitor, though. If you’re looking at managing your operational risk, commercial risk and ethical stance, then legal advice is of limited use.

What I offer is practical, human-focused quality support to organisations who are seeking to put data protection law into practice.

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