Hello, Happy New Year to you all! Hope your Christmases have been full of comfort and joy, and that 2022 has so far not been as bad as 2021…

While I’m racing to catch up on all my undone to-dos and overdue reminders left over from December, here’s a quick bit of New Year’s snark to keep you entertained in the meantime.

I present Miss IG Geek’s Ten Data Protection Predictions for the UK in 2022!

1. The UK gov’t will launch another consultation on the benefits of degrading data protection standards, and ignore everyone who doesn’t uncritically cheer along. Those who actively campaign against weakening of standards will be put on some kind of Home Office watchlist.

2. The new Information Commissioner will appear progressively more haunted and haggard with every passing week

3. Someone will come up with a business idea that leverages NFTs to monetise data subject rights; launch an app that fails to incorporate basic data protection and eprivacy requirements, spend a week flailing gracelessly in the face of criticism on Twitter, then disappear.

4. The flood of avoidable personal data breaches by organisations who take data protection ‘very seriously’ will continue unabated. Most of the breaches will be attributed to ‘human error’ (which is management-speak for ‘inadequate management’).

5. Vaccine data will be weaponised in a multitude of interesting and destructive ways.

6. ‘Deepfake!’ will start to replace ‘I’ve been hacked’ as the go-to excuse for public figures caught saying/doing something reprehensible. 

7. An unholy alliance of identity verification providers, vendors of biometric profiling solutions and ‘AI’ magicians will purport to have found the solution to politicians’ concerns over deepfakes; using maths and code to apply social bias to differentiate ‘real humans’ from people who aren’t cishet white men, in the name of national security.

8. There will be a flurry of acrimonious debate between DP nerds and tech geeks as to whether deepfaked content constitutes the personal data of the person it is impersonating. 

9. The ePrivacy Regulation will continue to not be finalised in Europe, and Reg6 PECR will continue not to be enforced in the UK.

10. Encryption will not be outlawed.

So, which do you think will happen first? Do you have any predictions of your own? Feel free to share your snarks and serious takes in the comments below 😉

And keep watching this space for new content, coming soon!


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