I’m Miss IG Geek, aka Rowenna Fielding (pronouns: she/her), and I’m a professional data protection nerd. For the past slightly-more-than-a-decade, I’ve been spending my days (and sometimes my evenings too, not to mention weekends) helping people to make sense of data protection law and practice, which is actually a lot more fun than it might sound (honest!).

I don’t just do this to get paid, I do it because a) I genuinely believe in the need for human rights and regulation of power imbalances, and b) I need somewhere to point my obsessive tendencies – ¬†this topic offers me the ideal combination of human interest and nerdy technical stuff to keep me going.

Since the GDPR became A Thing in 2016 (which was when it was enacted but it only became enforceable in 2018), I’ve spent rather a lot of my life reading it, reading about it, interpreting it, reading about interpretations of it; and trying to explain it to other people. I live and work in the UK, so as well as the GDPR, I also have the UK’s Data Protection Act 2018 to contend with (although that mostly says “do what the GDPR says” wrapped up in lot of complicated legal jargon).

There’s a lot of myth and mystery floating around out there about data protection in general and the GDPR in particular, and my aim is to provide resources to help turn some of that puzzlement and confusion into understanding – and hopefully even the odd drop of enthusiasm here and there. Obviously I’d like to be able to pay my bills and buy food as well, but even if I won the Lottery, I’d probably still do this work because I’m just that much of a nerd.

So that’s what I’m doing here, and I hope you find it useful. Or at least amusing. Or interesting, anyway.

Welcome to the party!

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