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About Miss IG Geek

Former IT and infosec nerd, now Data Protection anorak. More than a passing interest in Records Management and Knowledge Management, which still leaves room for a general curiosity about everything else.

on Twitter: @MissIG_Geek

and @PrivacyPuffin

on YouTube: Miss IG Geek

In my spare time (haha, yeah right), I am mostly preoccupied with knitting, puffins and gin (not necessarily in that order).

Hello. I use privacy-friendly analytics (Matomo) to track visits to my website. Can I please set a cookie to enable this tracking? I’m afraid that various plugins and content I have on the site here also use cookies, so a ‘yes’ to cookies is a ‘yes’ to those too. Please have a look at my Privacy Info page for more info about these, and visit my advice page for tips on protecting your privacy online